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Construction and Electrical Services

While every project is different, GSE puts each project through a multi-step development process that includes the following.

• Project Development
• Contract Development
• Engineering Design
• Permitting and Plan Check
• Equipment and Materials Procurement
• Mobilization
• Construction
• Inspection
• Commissioning and Customer Hand-off

Our multi-disciplinary team of engineers and construction managers create a winning team that puts safety and quality first. Our team meets with clients to map out projects and to avoid any surprises so as to maximize quality development and construction. Our projects and services deliver on time and on budget.

The company has in place teaming agreements with both large specialized and certified 8(A) businesses capable of performing even the most complex construction projects, to include residential, government and commercial buildings.
• In house design services available on request.
• LEED certified staff to guide construction projects from start to finish.
• Access to vendors of solar/green and other compatible products.
• Strong familiarity with fuel cell, solar, wind generation systems.

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